Why a confidential adviser through VertrouwensPersoonTelefoon (Confidential Person Telephone)?

When faced with unwanted manners that do not belong in a normal collegial relationship, it can have a profound impact. A listening ear from a confidant then can be invaluable.
At Trust Person Phone, we believe this help should be readily available to everyone. That’s why we are here for you within 24 hours. Why wait if something bothers you so much? Within a day, you can tell your story with us and we offer help and advice specific to your situation. Our interviews are strictly confidential and conducted by certified confidential advisors.

What are things that fall under inappropriate behavior?

With undesirable manners you can think of: aggression, threats, discrimination, violence, (sexual) harassment, gossiping, bullying and spreading rumors. These forms of behavior can have a major impact on you as an individual, both business and personal. This sounds “big” but often it involves very recognizable behaviors such as being skipped when coffee is fetched, someone talking loudly to you with a lot of emotion, being given meaningless assignments, not sharing information that is meant for you, people gossiping or joking among themselves.

What else can you call VertrouwensPersoonTelefoon for?

In addition to situations concerning undesirable behavior, you can also contact our confidential advisor for matters concerning integrity. Integrity violations include acts in which you are a witness or involved, such as bribery, fraud, theft and abuse. These events can cause stressful and intense situations where help from a confidantial advisor can make all the difference.

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How does a conversation with a confidant work?

Step 1

You connect with the confidant who is best for you by scheduling an appointment through the online calendar;

Step 2

The conversation takes place in confidentiality and the confidant offers a listening ear;

Step 3

Together with the confidantial advisor, you review the options and the follow-up to the report while you remain in charge;

Step 4

You make a choice between the options discussed and take action; the confidantial advisor can guide you in this;

Step 5

The action is initiated or completed and you can move on by yourself, the confidantial advisor and you conclude.

Clear explanation of the role of confidential advisor:

Information request


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