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Using the button below, you can easily hire the confidant that most appeals to you, at a day and time that suits you best! At the time of booking, the trustee will contact you by phone or Teams. You can indicate your preference while booking the appointment.

If your employer has taken out a subscription with ConfidentialPerson Phone, then after choosing a confidant and a date and time, in addition to some personal information, you can enter a code that allows you to avoid paying yourself.

The personal information is needed to verify that your employer has a current subscription. This data will never be shared with third parties and is for the internal use of TrustPerson Phone only.

Does your employer not have a subscription to Confidential Person Phone and do you need a conversation in confidence about sexual harassment or an integrity issue? Then you can hire a confidant on your own initiative and possibly try to claim from your employer. Side note is then that your employer knows something is going on.

Do you do need a conversation, does the employer not offer an outside confidant, and do you have room to have your conversation not within 24 hours but after that? We would be happy to make contact with your employer to indicate the importance of our services to hopefully help you and your colleagues in the future. Will you let us know who your employer is?