Meet our confidential advisors:

Renate Tetteroo 🇳🇱🇬🇧

Woman with a mission and since VertrouwensPersoonTelefoon also with a business passion, namely to engage with each other by being able to provide a basic listening ear for anyone who can use it!

I would also (or especially) like to work preventively to make issues discussable and create awareness, call me a sparring partner, a listening ear or an idealist; my wish is for TrustPersonTelefoon to be there for everyone!

Twan van Tilburg 🇳🇱🇬🇧

No-nonsense commitment to support and advocacy where with well-being, safety is created.

Twan is here for you, your team and your organization to pre-emptively overcome obstacles in life and take ownership. Twan is available for an informal conversation with a listening ear. Objective: learning to take ownership of your own behavior so that you have control over your life. “What one must learn to do, one learns by doing” Aristotle.

Ginny Janssen 🇳🇱🇬🇧

I am here for you when you just don’t know how to move forward. In situations when you may be experiencing the feeling of injustice, I am happy to help you fairer (further, where fair is central).

I will be a listening ear for you, as well as a trusted shelter who can outline options and insights in which you have choice and direction.

With over 10 years of experience in business at various levels, I know how to anticipate/consult in complex and multi-layered situations.

Ruud Kouwenoord

Support from me as an independent confidant can range from simply letting your heart out, which often helps, to filing a complaint. I listen to you and together we look at what you need as possible solutions to your complaint.
I am LVV certified and in the business world, I have gained extensive experience in various counseling roles. In addition, I have had my own practice in the field of complementary psychotherapy for over 18 years.
You stay in control and choose what you want!

Mark Tetteroo 🇳🇱🇬🇧

Expert in getting individuals to action, background as a trainer in leadership, team synergy and WMO issues, among others. Discipline and passion are central to his daily life as an entrepreneur but also privately, this is what drives him!

As a person you can always count on him, the saying “do what you say and say what you do” was invented by him.

As a confidant he focuses on you as a complainant or reporter, through his direct questions the core is often quickly visible so you get clarity for yourself and can move on!

Kitty Korte

‘Asking for help does not mean giving up, it means refusing to give up.’
As an (external) confidential advisor, I am first and foremost a listening ear for you as an employee; neutral and independent. Someone with whom you can tell your story in a safe environment. I can also offer you tools for possible solutions and next steps. You decide and are always in control together we look at the possibilities. And if you want, I’ll accompany you to a meeting, provide a targeted referral or help you file a complaint. I am here for you and stand beside you!

Peter Colijn

That you feel safe is the most important thing. Safety means that you can be yourself and feel seen and heard. A safe environment contributes to optimal performance, which is in your and your employer’s best interest.

I enjoy working with (young) adults. Together we look at where your challenges are. As an executive, I have years of experience in various industries such as construction, logistics, manufacturing and installation.
I am there for you with a listening ear and without judgment.

Petra van de Bree

An inspired confidant who is happy to guide you to feel comfortable in your skin again and to go to work pleasantly.

Years of experience as an employee in small and large organizations but also as a manager and entrepreneur with many employees, have led me to now use my knowledge and skills broadly as a confidential advisor and coach. Combining the business aspect with the human is my strength.

Attention, calm and a trusted approach focused on a practical, achievable and most importantly, solution that is right for you!

Debora Holtrop

When you talk about talent development and team development, you talk about Debora!

Debora is a whiz at Giving people insight into their talents, drives and competencies (TMA). This insight will help you with all the choices to be made!

As a confidant, she is ready to take you through your issue and your solution!

“To make a difference in someone’s life, you don’t have to be brilliant, rich, beautiful or perfect. Be loving and caring.”

Within our team of confidants, people and communication are key. Being heard is a desire in itself for every individual. We are happy to use our expertise to offer a listening ear and help you get back on track. 

Core values of VertrouwensPersoonTelefoon are accessibility and dedication, this is expressed through enthusiasm, willingness to share knowledge, short lines of communication and good accessibility by any means.